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What is a Hybrid TPA?

We use the term Hybrid TPA to refer to TPA’s that offer more services than just drug and alcohol testing (D&A testing).  The..

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SAPAA 2018 Annual Conference

We’ll be at SAPAA for the first evening social and throughout the next day.  If you want to set up a meeting call..

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Who Am I?

May name is Ross Ose.  I am a consultant that assists companies, or more precisely their owners and managers, with buy/sell/merger transactions.  I am one..

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The Mergers & Acquisition Blogger

So…. this is a BLOG, free opinions (mine and others I think you should hear), generalities, some anecdotal information etc. to help readers..

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Is it a good time to sell my business?

How do I know if this is the correct time to sell my business?  What do I need to look for in a..

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What Is My Business Really Worth?

How can I get an accurate figure for what my business is really worth?  I hear a great deal about business valuations but..

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